Part of the fun of buying the inventory is not everything is perfect but that it has possibility. And we love giving new life to vintage and antique pieces. From the basics of color selection and finish, to more in-depth selection of hardware, and alterations to the base, top, or inside, we work directly with our clients to customize the piece to suit your style.



Beautifully refinished woods are timeless, fit into any decor, and easily "warm up" a room. We offer full-service stain, restoration, and even bleaching options to meet you needs. We can match existing color, bleach lighter, (varies with piece, fabulous on some burl), stain to a different color,  or add a show-stopping clear polished finish. We don't take any short cuts, each piece is stripped of all old finish, deep sanded, stained, and sealed.



While lacquer is usually thought of as glossy, it can actually come in various style of finishes (Satin, Hi Gloss, Matte). Lacquering is done in a paint booth with a spray gun. This technique creates a thick glass-smooth surface, as opposed to when items are hand painted and you can see the brush strokes in the finish. We love a lacquered finish on Mid Century Modern pieces and shapely antique items alike. 


Hand Painting

We offer paint services in addition to stain and lacquer. Hand painting can be done in various sheens, ranging from matte to high gloss. Brush strokes will be seen with our hand painting technique and we think this adds a one of a kind element to the charm of our antique and vintage pieces.



We have a lot of beautiful antique and vintage pieces at Union Camp Collective. Sometimes these items are in mint condition and sometimes they show their age. It is our goal to source items that are solid, sturdy and structurally sound. If you find that a sofa or chair at Union Camp fits your needs but could use a fresh fabric update, we will be happy to facilitate it's reupholstering. We'll even help you find the right fabric (and the right amount of it) to use for your next new project - we love the "transformation" process and the idea that something that was once fabulous can be made new again!